Local indie-psych lovelies Mild Universe just dropped a funky new song, “Connected Endlessly,” the first from their upcoming album, Everything Must Change. The spaced-out boogie beat sweetly soundtracks the always-on connectedness of our modern age, focusing more on the strength we find in our ability to seek and see each other instead of the often-bemoaned self-consciousness of our social media. It ain’t all bad, right?

“I see it as an acknowledgment of the interconnectedness we all have through the internet and just through inhabiting space and an empowerment in being confident to just be yourself no matter the circumstances,” songwriter and drummer Sam Jones says of the new tune, penned by vocalist Jamie Zimmer. But Jones encourages the listener to draw their own interpretations and…connect 😉 to the lyrics in their own way.

Fortunately for us Bay Area folk, we don’t need to dance to the delight of connecting all alone. Mild Universe is celebrating the release of their new single – and the 20th anniversary of Rickshaw Stop – at Rickshaw TONIGHT, January 25, with fellow locs Suzanimal and Sweet Lew. Details and tickets here.

Everything Must Change will be released in Summer 2024.