Was that static you heard on the dial there, bestie? 📻 Nah, this BIG NEWS is coming in loud and clear: BFF.fm will soon have our *very own* radio tower to broadcast ON THE ACTUAL RADIO!!! 📻 (this emoji has never been more relevant to us) In short, we are STOKED!

Here’s a lil explainer of what’s going down (*ahem* 🤓): Last December the FCC opened applications for LPFM, which is a low power FM radio license, for the first time in a decade. We applied to take over the only available spot on the airwaves in our beloved San Francisco: 104.9, serving the southwest corner of the city… 👋 SF State! Our application received a perfect score, and after breezing through the public comment period, we were granted a construction permit to finally make it happen.

While we’ve gotten through a lot of the governmental red tape already, there’s still a LOT to do before we’re actually up and on the airwaves, so if you turn your dial to 104.9 you won’t hear us just yet. To get there we are going to need your help AND your enthusiasm! This radio tower isn’t going to build itself, and as you may guess from anything related to governmental agencies, we’ve got engineering and legal fees to wrangle, too. To help make this dream come true, contribute to our BFF.fm on LPFM fundraiser!

Support BFF.fm on LPFM!

Luckily we have time (three years to be precise) to take this on and do it the BFF.fm way. We’ll stay streaming online at BFF.fm and via our adorable app, even as we surf the radio waves. 🌊 Our new LPFM will add to what we’re putting out there, not take anything away. We are who we are and we’re waaaayyyy too comfortable with that. So you can count on us to still be cussin’ online even if we have to rein it in on 104.9. 🤭

And tbqh we don’t really know yet what our future on the radio holds! As we figure out how to make the most of this extremely rare opportunity, we’re going to keep sharing our journey and we want you to chime in, too! Got ideas for or questions about our new frequency? Send us a note at lpfm@BFF.fm.

Thank you for being a BFF.fm listener and lover. Your support has powered us through a decade of wild and crazy times, and we are so happy to have you and your ears with us for this next adventure. Stay tuned, more coming soon!