Here at TV on the Radio we make every effort to stay hip to the newest music by watching every show The CW has to offer. So obviously you want to know about the best songs we came across while channel surfing in 2015.

5. Lauren O’Connell “House of the Rising Sun”

Covers (self)

If you thought you never wanted to hear this tired oldies radio staple again, then try listening to it in the car while my mom sings along for 20+ years. You don’t know tired.

But this cover, which we first heard in a promo for American Horror Story, is a refreshingly haunting take on the original. Put it on your playlist and your mom will wonder where she went wrong.

4. Albert King, “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

Christmas in Soulsville (Stax)

Uhhhhh, where the hell has this song been every holiday season all my life? And why did it take George Clooney popping out from behind a Christmas tree in A Very Murray Christmas for me to discover it?

You know what? Never mind. It’s fine. Everything is fine.

3. Eels, “Fresh Blood”

Hombre Lobo (OneHitsville, U.S.A)

The theme to The Jinx is almost as menacing as Robert Durst himself. No one will mess with you while you’re listening to this song. Leah claims that a black motorcycle jacket magically appears on her body whenever she hears it. I don’t want to be around to find out.

2. Bettye Swann “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”

Bettye Swann (Capitol Records)

Transparent is FULL of great music, but we’re exceptionally grateful for the introduction to Bettye Swann. How did this lady soul singer slip by us all these years? If you’re not familiar, take a listen to the whole self-titled compilation because it is pure gold. If you are familiar, then fuck you for not telling us about her.

1. Craig Wedren “Higher and Higher”

Did you know that all those pitch-perfect 70s songs from Wet Hot American Summer (both the movie and this year’s Netflix series) were actually original compositions by Craig Wedren? You did? Even “I Am a Wolf, You Are the Moon”? Okay, then how about “Heart Attack Love”? Well. Aren’t YOU smart?

Happy new year, liar.