In no particular order I give you my top 5, I mean 6, I mean 7 picks of 2016. I tried to keep it to 5 but c'mon you try narrowing it down. These aren't just my top tunes either. These are the tunes that I played on repeat over the course of this year. Never get tired of them:

  1. Wyatt Blair // Cruel World from Point of No Return
  2. Frankie Cosmos // Fool from Next Thing
  3. Froogy's Groovies // Amanda On Friday from Mooves

  4.  Alex Cameron // Real Bad Lookin' from Jumping The Shark
  5. Black Marble // Iron Lung from It's Immaterial

  6. Violent Change // Unit A from VC3
  7.  Angel Olsen // Never Be Mine from MY WOMAN


Tune in Sunday, Jan 8 from 8-10pm for more of my top picks from 2016!