Dive into the earthly yet alien sound of Grooblen’s new song "Reversed Sky." The song features galactic sounds while also sharing themes of oceanic life and everything in between. Beat changes, head-banging moments and the lingering ideas of the spaces we all share as people, these are the tunes and tones in Grooblens music that truly make them stand out as one of BFF.fm's favorite local bands.

Coming off of their recent record and Noise Pop performances, this psychedelic San Francisco band is ready for another amazing year of music. "Reversed Sky" matches the unearthly vibe and mental shapes of 2023's A Wormhole is a Freeway to the Stars.

"Somewhere between a hard place and a soft place", the lyrics say, "We both exist in it. We share realities in knowing that we both don't really know the sea." The song challenges the ideas that us humans face when we try to connect with someone, or something. These ideas sort of change as the song goes on and progresses into a longing feeling as the human relates to the crustacean in how it can't see the sky from the bottom of the ocean.

Ellie Stokes, the lead singer of Grooblen, envelops the audience with her striking vocals while also being supported by the talented band. Sean Aaron, drums, kicks the beat off with funky rhythms and new sounds that also balance out with Jack Lillian and Spencer Lay, who plays bass and the guitar in the recording. All together, the 5 members are what truly boost that signature 'psychedelic-cabaret-dream-pop' sound.

Want more Grooblen? Of course you do! Catch more of their unique sound on their upcoming tour, Somewhere Between, to celebrate their release of "Reversed Sky." Also catch them playing the Kilowatt in San Francisco April 13th!

Cover Photo taken by Liam Stewart. Live Grooblen players are Alejandro Lara-Agraz & Eva Gogas