Cosmic Amanda


I'm the founder and station manager of the best online community radio station around! I've been involved in college and community radio since 1994, when I joined WMWM 91.7fm as a freshman at Salem State University. My experience there opened my mind to the vast universe of undiscovered music just begging to be heard. I started in 2013 simply because I love indie music and community radio and wanted to create a place where a whole new generation of post-collegiate music nerds can unite and geek out over all the awesome new music that's out there. After all these years and changes in how its delivered- from terrestrial broadcast to online streaming- I still believe in the power of community radio to play a positive role in our local music scene. What else do you need to know about me? I like pizza. And you.


The best new underground music from around the Interwebs.

Recent Broadcasts


Meet the DJs: DJ Soups

DJ Soups lives a very musical life- pursuing radio as her career, singing and playing music, and going to raves. Learn more about the host of What's the Soup?

Meet the DJs: Velaluna

"There's so many dark things going on in our community & the world at large; Art and music are the light in this darkness & can help guide our way into the future."

Meet the DJs: Clare from Queer Ear

Clare just joined in January but Queer Ear has already grown to become a must-listen, featuring only music by genre-bending, gender-bending, queer, trans, fluid, and/or LGBTQIA+ artists.