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Music as sweet as candy, because music can make one feel as happy as devouring the candy your favorite grandparent always carried with them. 

We all cope in different ways, but sometimes the easiest and quickest way is through song. Sometimes we don't want to eat our feelings, because sometimes feelings make you lose your appetite. Instead you just lay there, listening to your favorite songs that just bring you back to the good. 

This show is about how we deal with our emotions and how it's not embarrassing to be radical in your feelings. Especially for those who have mental illness or have dealt with trauma in their lives and are told to keep it hidden. Let's cry together. Let's scream to our favorite songs. Let's eat a whole pizza while your favorite record plays on repeat. Don't give up. Let loose when you need to and most importantly: Stay soft. 

  • Friday 2:00 – 4:00pm


  • come enjoy time in a strange magical place, called my mind. 

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