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Hey Everybody, my name is Taro! I'm a Musician and teacher that works in the greater San Francisco Area and I'm ecstatic to be hosting a set on BFF.FM Radio!

I want to start your week off right, by sending you the vibes that will get you inspired and energized for the week ahead.
What makes you excited for the new week, what gets you inspired to create, and how do you push through the difficulties ahead?

Come hang out, and share your thoughts, whether it's about music, adventure, or ideas, I'm more than enthusiastic about entertaining every creation


Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 11:00am – 12:00pm


  • 60 mins

  • 60 mins

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  • 60 mins

  • 60 mins

  • When Things just aren't going exactly as you planned Sometimes you can't help but say DANG! But you know what? You find a way to push…

    60 mins

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