Sibling Rivalry

About Sibling Rivalry

Welcome to our show! What began as a show between 2 family members, Sibling Rivalry is now 2 friends sharing tracks.

Enjoy a colossus of music influenced by many things such as the African diaspora, cinema, and the subconscious.

Granee Handz is a selector of ghettotech, house, dub, rap, booty, disco, boogie, kuduro, R&B, rock in all its forms, with many things in between. Routine Play frequents new wave, ambient, noise, Italo disco, house, and anything with a great groove.

Heavy Rotation

Sibling Rivalry plays Aaliyah, Prince, drake, LIL' KIM, Outkast, Dr Dre, Janelle Monae

  • Sunday 8:00 – 10:00pm (bi-weekly)


  • Very special guest in the house - DJ PBnJamz AKA Portia AKA  Peesha AKA Mrs. Graneehandz. We discuss the meaning of a duet and play some…

    120 mins

  • We go wayyyyy back to our awkward days in this special episode of Sibling Rivalry. Get out your lace up jeans and your shutter shades as listen…

    120 mins

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  • It's been a minute...two hours of Granee Handz tunes...been waiting to get these off of my chest...come on inside, dry off, shelter from the storm.

    120 mins

  • We are the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream. Prepare to stretch out and dream in this week's show. Bring your melatonin and…

    120 mins

  • An exploration of our favorite ad-libs and talkie-bits in otherwise melodic/sung music.

    120 mins

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