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About tapecase radio

tapecase radio by touch touch publishing
with sound and music by rhan small ernst

i have a friend who almost always says, "we'll sort it out" when presented with an issue or problem.i adopted this phrase and the attitude with it. and you know what? they're right. most everything gets sorted out.

john cage and david tudor made a record called indeterminacy. this record changed my life. the recording is fantastic because it's everything one needs to know about john cage and david tudor. acceptance is an essential tool for getting on and sorting it out.

tapecase radio is about this sorting-out process. each week is an entirely new work made for radio. each episode, i sort out issues like:what am i going to do for the next two hours?

i hope you enjoy it. thank you for listening.

rhan small ernst

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Heavy Rotation

tapecase radio plays rhan small ernst

  • Friday 2:00 – 4:00am


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