We Let The Hats Decide

About We Let The Hats Decide

DJ super-combo, DJ Sanspants and DJ Pants, write weird things down on pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper get folded up and placed into a super combination of hats, fez and cowboy. We each pick pieces of paper out of those respective hats and whatever combination of words and phrases gets picked becomes the theme of the episode. It'll get wacky, we promise.

  • Wednesday 6:00 – 8:00am


  • We love this Tom Hanks Episode. We're glad he's doing better.

  • Due to social distancing We Let The Hats Decide are playing some of our favorite shows. The themes are Dogs and Bands Known For One Member.

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  • Due to lockdown we will be rerunning some of our favorite episodes. This week is probably our favorite... BIRDS!

  • Due to the pandemic DJs Pants and Sanspants aren't able to record a new episode. Instead, here's our St. Patrick's Day episode from 2017. We're pretty…

  • Today's 3/11 and someone's sick in the Hats crew. We'll resume our regular programming next week, so enjoy two hours of 311!

  • Today's themes are Fashion and Family!

  • Today's themes are Superheroes and Supervillains and 4:40!

  • The themes for today's 200th EPISODE are Artists/Songs That Are Difficult To Pronounce and Dolls!

  • Today's themes are Valentine's Day and Garbage!

  • Today's themes are Crimes and Break!