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About West of Twin Peaks Radio

Two hours of fresh music from the Bay and beyond, with a second hyperlocal hour spotlight on all new releases from Bay area bands and artists, highlighted by a conversation and deep sonic dive with a different local guest artist(s) every episode.

Heavy Rotation

West of Twin Peaks Radio plays Bad Tiger, Wolf Jett, Helltones, Ismay, King Dream, Asha Wells, English Teacher

  • Sunday 4:00 – 6:00am (bi-weekly)


  • On this episode, Berkeley's Maya Elise (and The Good Dream) joins me with an extremely thoughtful conversation about her evolution from folk to mixed genre-indie, reading…

    120 mins

  • On this episode meet San Francisco's Marika Christine, a singer/songwriter/guitarist that's part of a youth art and music explosion re-energizing the City's cultural scene.  We chat…

    120 mins

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  • In this Best of West of Twin Peaks Radio episode....interview with four recent Bay area guest artists talking and diving deep into their new LPs....including.... Marin…

    120 mins

  • On this episode, Marin County artist Ryan McCaffrey of the project Go By Ocean dives deep into his wonderful new LP “Can I Communicate with the…

    120 mins

  • On this episode, a local focus on the traditional yet declining style of storytelling song writing. Guest Artist, Oakland's Michael James Tapscott chats and dives deep…

    120 mins

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