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Join me for Yours, Teddy a weekly journey through sounds new and old featuring new releases from near and far and interviews with musicians and artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Heavy Rotation

  • Tuesday 12:00 – 2:00pm


  • Another week where we need music to pull us through.  Sounds from Albert Ayler, Robert Glasper, Lido Pimienta, Brijean, Bartees Strange and many many more!

    120 mins

  • A feel good mix this week with new tunes from Brijean, Cola and Pure Hex, as well as City Pop Classics to groove you through the…

    120 mins

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  • Last weeks show, TODAY!  Our interview with Stern Grove Executive Director Bob Fielder is rescheduled for next week, May 10th!

    120 mins

  • 120 mins

  • 120 mins

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roller disco ish funky stuff to liven up your Mondays. sprinkled with new stuff, local stuff, and maybe some classic golden oldies.