The Hanging Garden Radio Show's Death Guild Anniversary Show! 3/14/2017


  1. Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles on The Age Of Plastic
  2. Lightbringer by Covenant on Modern Ruin
  3. Useless by Skinny Puppy on The Greater Wrong Of The Right
  4. The Warden by Chelsea Wolfe on Pain Is Beauty
  5. Waiting Room by Fugazi on Fugazi EP
  6. Absence Without Leave by A Million Machines
  7. Porcelain by The Agnes Circle on Some Vague Desire
  8. Oxygen by Skeleton Hands on Gone
  9. Grey City by The Flatfield on Manie Sans Delire
  10. Come Home To Mother by Anthony Jones on Slasher EP
  11. Out Of My Life by Omnimar on Out Of My Life
  12. Tail In My Mouth by Tempers on V
  13. Animation by Cabaret Voltaire on The Crackdown
  14. The Rhythm by Kite on V
  15. Echoes by Cynical Existence on Echoes