2017 - N07


  1. acres by sam gellaitry on escapism III
  2. Changeover by james deen on Never been cool
  3. Ice Cream and Coffee by james deen on Never Been Cool
  4. Throwing Rocks Up The Slide by james deen on Never Been Cool
  5. Netflix and Chill By Myself by james deen on Never Been Cool
  6. Stay Alive (Evil Needle Remix) by Rie Takahashi
  7. Show Me by SNBRN & Coyote Kisses
  8. jewels (remix) by halpe
  9. communicate. by eugene cam
  10. drop by wevor trill
  11. Fizzy Pop by clqqng & Coastal
  12. Shooters by Juelz
  13. Catch Me Cruisin' (feat. Petty) by FYÜTCH & Boba Sweat
  14. days in the east by verzache
  15. HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar
  16. Kneelin' On Needles by LupeFiasco
  17. Alexys by Freddie Gibbs
  18. Still Simpin' by dkthepunisher
  19. Broccoli (feat. Lil Yachty) [Chet Porter Remix] by D.R.A.M.
  20. aight by Cody G.
  21. Dominic Part 2 by DOM KENNEDY
  23. Loodi by Krs.
  24. home movies [outro] by nohidea.
  25. Up All Night feat. Kendra Dias by james deen
  26. Do you- 🤷💜 by Karma Rhythm
  27. afrodesiac by Callum Connor
  28. Champloo by AIRWAV, Akamu, & Shisto
  29. Holloway Road by Tara Carosielli
  30. Found You (Feat. Chelsea Cutler) by Kasbo
  31. Smoke & Mirrors by Take-Five
  32. Gone by KAVERN
  33. Cuban Episode by Freud