The Revolution Summer 003


  1. This Is Not Love Song by The Juliana Theory on understand this is a dream (Tooth & Nail)
  2. Terry V. Tori by You Blew It! on Grow Up Dude (Topshelf Records)
  3. Orange Cat by Grown Ups on More Songs (Top Shelf)
  4. Victim Kin Seek Suit by The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die on Formlessness (Broken World Media)
  5. Wilds Arms by Apple of Discord on You Are Not the Answer (Engineer)
  6. I'm Trying by Roanoke on Beautiful People (Driftwood)
  7. Paper Airplane, Paper Heart by Everyone Asked About You on Everyone Asked About You (Landmark)
  8. Benju & The Pig Men by Ache Hour Credo on Demo (Self Released)
  9. Boarded Room by The Pine on Lead Blocks For Feet (Alone)
  10. How It Feels To Be Something On by Sunny Day Real Estate on How It Feels To Be Something On (Sub Pop)
  11. I'm Never Coming Home by Penfold on Your Eyes Have All The Answers (Hearts Drown)
  12. Let You Go by Southtown Lanes on Split (Ronald)
  13. Driving by Dowsing on All I Could Find Was you (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  14. Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn) by Prawn on You Can't Just Leave It All (Topshelf)
  15. Pacifique by Speedwell on Emo Diaries Three (Deep Elm)
  16. Tony Kukush by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Tiny Engines)
  17. Secet Santa Cruz by The City On Film on I Would Rather Be Wine Drunk (Post436)
  18. Copper and Stars by Planes Mistaken For Stars on Planes Mistake For Stars (Deep Elm)
  19. Trouble by You'll Live on Moving past this (Dog Knights)
  20. Gunner by Denali on Denali (Deep Elm)
  21. St. Cecilia's by Animal Flag on LP (Broken World Media)
  22. Opener by Crash of Rhinos on Knot (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  23. What To Do In Case of Fire by Desert City Soundtrack on Contents of Distraction (Deep Elm)
  24. Angel On Hiatus by Benton Falls on Guilt Beats Hate (Deep Elm)
  25. Chihuly by Lemuria on The Distance Is So Big (Bridge 9)
  26. West Coast by the Forecast on In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (Victory)
  27. I Feel Fine by Everyone Everywhere by Everyone Everywhere on Everyone Everywhere (Tiny Engines)
  28. Living/Dreaming by Slingshot Dakota on Dark Hearts (Topshelf)
  29. I typed for miles by jets to Brazil on orange rhyming dictionary (jade tree)
  30. Break
  31. How to Make Love Stay by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) on What It Takes To Move Forward (Count Your Lucky Stars!)