Tuff Signals 151


  1. The Glow by Feral Ohms (Castle Face)
  2. I Love You Man by The I.L.Y's on Bodyguard (CastleFace Records)
  3. The Night Shopper by Damaged Bug on Bunker Funk (Castle Face Records)
  4. Color the System by POW! on Crack an Egg (Castle Face Records)
  5. I Don't Wanna Grow Up by Warm Soda on I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Castle Face Records)
  6. All For A Chance by Dream Machine on The Illusion (Castle Face Records)
  7. I miss you to death by The Jellies on i miss you to death (Self Released)
  8. October Song by Maiden Mars on Maiden Mars/Ultrasounds Split EP (Self Released)
  9. Waste of Space by The Ultrasounds on Maiden Mars / The Ultrasounds (Self Released)
  10. Disco Ball by Peach Fuzz on Laundry EP (Self Released)
  11. Open Mall by Tempura Nights (Self Released)
  12. Wheelhouse by Hollywood Makeout on Speedo Spider (dizzybird Records)
  13. A Sickness by Roya on Roya (Burger)
  14. Choose Your Own Adventure by Baby Ghosts on A surprise Party (Self Released)
  15. Womanarchist by Bad Cop/Bad Cop on Warriors (Self Released)
  16. Queen of Wands by Person Whale on Dream in the Black House (Self Released)
  17. His Steppe is My Prarie by The Van Pelt on Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves (La Castanya)
  18. Percolator by Charly Bliss on Guppy (Barsuk)
  19. Bad Bad Dream by Clean Room on Bad Bad Dream (Rare Plant Records)
  20. Cut In Line by Bad Boyfriends on Bad Boyfriends (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  21. Hearse by DRAGGS (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  22. Magic Wax by Dear Darkness (Self Released)
  23. Turn Around by Pale Angles on Daydreaming Blues (Recess Records)
  24. Third Floor by Fresh Flesh (Goodbye Boozy Records)
  25. (we're living in a) fashion void by Conditioner on Suggested Use (Kennel Jitters)
  26. Inversions by Sports Coach on Inversions (Spirit Goth Records)
  27. Only Matters When by UT-TV on Glass (Deranged Records)
  28. Hold My Hand by John Canoe on Wave Traps (Self Released)
  29. (Joe you're wanted) big time by Hello Penelope on Big Time (Self Released)
  30. World On Fire (Los Angeles) by The Broken Hearts on Lost in Little Tokyo (Lolipop Records)
  31. Stay Here All Night by The Total Bettys on Peach (Lauren Records)
  32. In My Head by The Full Counts on First Out (Phatry Records)
  33. Drive-In, Tonight by The Spectres on Baby, You're Too Pretty to Rumble (King Pizza Records)
  34. Ocean Blue by The Bingers on Stay Satisfied (Tall Pat Records)
  35. Sick and Tired by The Ar-Kaics (HiVo Records)
  36. Dead Man's Walk by Pretty Ghouls (Creepy Records)
  37. Little Black Egg by Danny & The Darleans on Bug Out! (In the Red Recordings)
  38. Little Black Egg by Danny & The Darleans on Bug Out! (In the Red Recordings)
  39. Summer Girl by The White Wires on WWII (Self Released)
  40. Boys in the Wood by Black Lips on Underneath the Rainbow (Vice Records)