Tuff Signals 152


  1. ELH by Thee MVPs on ELH/BigP**y (Snitches in Ditches) (Self Released)
  2. Card Catalog by Leather Girls on She Cassingle (Self Released)
  3. Emily's Street by Fascinating on Dice Game (Quality Time Records)
  4. YR SO RAD by Wick and the Tricks on Not Enough (Self Released)
  5. Ride The Dream by The Burning Pepperments on Dirty Rainbow!! (Self Released)
  6. I'll Come Crashing by A Giant Dog on Pile (Merge Records)
  7. Du Moyen Age a l'age moyen by Corridor on Supermercado (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
  8. Beam Me Up by Gloria on Gloria in Excelsis Sterio (Howlin Banana Records)
  9. Pavement by Anna on May (Howling Banana Records)
  10. Sleep Thoughts by Kaviar Special on #2 (Howlin Banana Records)
  11. 66$ by Travel Check on Go!Zilla / Travel Check (Retard Records)
  12. Difficile by Juniore on Ouh La La (Le Phonographe5)
  13. Black on Blonde by Mean Jolene on Salty (Austin Town Hall Records)
  14. Smash by Varsity on Smash / Still Apart (Self Released)
  15. Who Cares by Baby Bangs on huh? (Self Released)
  16. Call On You by The Younger Lovers on Young Brothers (South Paw)
  17. Turn It Up by The Baby Shakes on Turn It Up (Burger Records)
  18. Minnesota by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun Records)
  19. Perfect Day by SAPIN on Radio Hits
  20. Please, no by Mary Bell on Mary Bell (Self-released)
  21. Tidal Jet by The Wave Chargers on The Wave Chargers Strike Again (Self Released)
  22. Christine Young by Entracte Twist on Demo No 1 (Self Released)
  23. Critical Girl by Skategang on Freya Police (Requiem Pour Un Twist)
  24. Smash You Up by La Poison on Antidote for Love (Snobb)
  25. Squatting In Heaven by Black Lips on Satan's Graffiti or God's Art? (Vice Records)
  26. Mistata by Endless Column on Demo (Twintoe/Taken By Surprise)
  27. You Should Lie by Holy Wave on Freaks of Nuture (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  28. Caroline by Ma Holos on The Down Five (Quality Time Records)
  29. Sand in the Well by Pollen Rx on Sunbelt Emptiness (Austin Town Hall Records)
  30. A Sickness by Roya on Roya (Burger Records)
  31. Ou Va Le Monde by La Femme on Mystere (Born Bad Records)
  32. Ann Wants to Dance by Papooz on Green Juice (Jive/Epic)
  33. Retiens mon désir by Cléa Vincent on Retiens Mon Desir (Midnight Special)
  34. Prettiest Virgin by Agar Agar on Cardan (Cracki Records)