Cracked Machine 1st Birthday! Special Guest Tim Krug talks Brainiac Reunion

On the occasion of the 1st birthday of the Cracked Machine radio show, I've gone back to the beginning and put together an ALL-Ohio set of rock. I'm also joined via phone by Tim Krug of Oh Condor to talk about the Brainiac reunion in Dayton, OH that happened at Blind Bob's. We talk about the good cause for the reunion and why the band members and local Ohio artists got together.

ALL OHIO ROCK - Brainiac Reunion Talk with Guest Tim Krug - Cracked Machine by Cracked Machine on Mixcloud


  1. I am a Cracked Machine by Brainiac on Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (Touch and Go)
  2. Crash Me Out by Let's Crash on Stand Up and Relax
  3. I Just Wanna Get Along by The Breeders on Last Splash (4AD)
  4. Biker Gone by Kim Deal on Biker Gone
  5. Motor Away by Guided By Voices on Human Amusements at Hourly Rates (Matador)
  6. Never Forget Where You Get Then by Go Back Snowball on Calling Zero (Merge Records)
  7. Rapture Nurse by Human Reunion on Arc de Square
  8. Sweet Band by Motel Beds on Sunfried Dreams (Misra)
  9. Bought and Sold by Oh Condor on Various Artists (Gas Daddy Go)
  10. Radio Apeshot by Brainiac on Bonsai Superstar (Grass)
  11. Plight of the Little Man by Swim Diver on X-Ray Acres (Gas Daddy Go!)
  12. A Hazmat Dream by Crooks on Tape on Fingerprint (Misra)
  13. The Power of Yawning by Enon on Hocus-Pocus (Touch and Go)
  14. Mr. Suit by New Bomb Turks on Destroy Oh Boy! (Crypt Records)
  15. Fuck Her Tears by Times New Viking on Dancer Equired (Matador Records)
  16. Henchmen by Herzog on Boys (Exit Stencil)
  17. I'm Not Part of Me by Cloud Nothings on Here and Nowhere Else (Carpark)
  18. Standing Still by Eat Sugar on Levantense (Mush Records)
  19. Nothing by Lazy on Nothing (Simple Solution)
  20. Be Mean by Tweens on Tweens (French Kiss)
  21. Lando by A Ten O'Clock Scholar on Quietest (Grass)
  22. How to Use A Blanket by Fourteen on How to Use a Blanket
  23. Zouave by Duster
  24. Baja Grip by Golden on Super Golden Original Movement (Slowdime)
  25. The Collector by Nine Inch Nails on With Teeth (Interscope)