The Revolution Summer 008


  1. Good Things by Rival Schools on United By Fate (Island)
  2. Oilhead by Our Sunday Affairs on Cave (Too Far Gone)
  3. No Blood Loss by Droughts on Unmoved (Self Released)
  4. I Am Nothing More Than I Could Have Been by Mountains For Clouds on Maybe It's Already Everywhere (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  5. My other car is a spaceship by Commander Venus on Do You Feel At Home? (Lumberjack (Saddlecreek))
  6. Tired And Uninspired by The Gloria Record on Lull In Traffic EP (Better Looking)
  7. Lets Slip Away Under Cover Of Afternoon In The Biggest Car In The County by The Reptilian on We Have Become (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  8. Silence by Jasemine on Jasemine & Elements Of Need (Kidney Room)
  9. 1508 by Ivy League on Summer Sessions (6131)
  10. Star Above My Bed (The Call Of The Tiger Woman) by glassJAw on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Two Cents A Pop)
  11. My Only Cure by Recover on Ceci N'Est Pas Recover (Fiddler)
  12. Living Together by Circa Survive on On Letting Go (Equal Vision)
  13. 20th Cebtury Towers by Death Cab For Cutie on The Stability e.p. (Barsuk)
  14. Melon Soda by Tricot on 3 (Top Shelf)
  15. The Shy Sickness by Bad Kissers on We Were Here Once as Friends (Self Released)
  16. Message To Tamara by Under A Dying Sun on Under A Dying Sun (Substandard)
  17. Oakland Kids by The Mall on (Emergency At The Everyday) (Discos Huelga)
  18. Neck by Daisyhead on The Smallest Light (No Sleep)
  19. Recorded Syntax by June Of 44 on Anahata (Quarterstick)
  20. Dance Of Days by Embrace on Embrace (Dischord)
  21. To a Husband At War by I Hate Myself on Ten Songs (No Idea)
  22. Part 1 / Part 2 by I Kill Giants on I Kill Giants (Broken World Media)
  23. Brave, But Brittle... by Sunday's Best on The Californian (Polyvinyl)
  24. Dressing Cold by Texas Is The Reason on Texas Is The Reason (Revelation)
  25. Brown/Blue by Time Spent Driving on I'm Your Stab In The Back (Lorelei)
  26. Feet First by Track Star on Lion Destroyed The Whole World (Btter Looking)
  27. Anime Love Story by Flowers Taped To Pens on Flowers Taped To Pens (Driftwood)
  28. Indoor Voices by Transit on Something Left Behind (Mightier Than The Sword)
  29. Their / They're / Therapy by Their / They're / There on Their / They're / There (Polyvinyl)
  30. Post Script by Finch on What It Is To Burn (Drive Thru)
  31. Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run on Straylight Run (Victory)
  32. Break
  33. Pearl by Maritime on Heresy And The Hotel Choir (Foreign Leisure)