Transfiguration #7


  1. Larry of Acadia by Eric Copeland on Eric Copeland (Eric Copeland)
  2. Break
  3. I am strange by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra)
  4. Convoy by Eric Copeland on Eric Copeland (Eric Copeland)
  5. Dream on by Gino Soccio on Gino Soccio (Gino Soccio)
  6. Tulpen und Narzissen by Die Doraus Und Die Marinas on Blumen Und Narzissen (Ata Tak)
  7. MSQ No-Extra by Black Marble on A Different Arangement (Hardly Art)
  8. Bobby Strong (Anthony Naples Remix) by Eric Copeland on Eric Copeland (DFA)
  9. Can you See by Marcel Duttmann on Can you See (Marcel Duttmann)
  10. Perspectives by Peder Mannerfelt on Controlling Body (Peder Mannerfelt)
  11. FEAR by Kendrick Lamar on DAMN (Kendrick Lamar)
  12. The Sun by Alice Coltrain on Alice Coltrain (Alice Coltrain)
  13. Spoken Jewels by Main Attrakionz on 808's & Dark Grapes III (Vapor Records)
  14. Seeds by georgia anne muldrow on georgia anne muldrow (georgia anne muldrow)
  15. Let Me Be Me by Nite Funk on Nite-Funk (Glydezone Recordings)
  16. Careful What You Say by Class Actress on Journey of Ardency (Class Actress)