TUFF SIGNALS 121 - Just Lizzy (Rerun)

Lizzy here! Lots of bangers. Come back next week for a guest DJ set by ERODERS from Detroit, and we'll be back to the normal show soon!


  1. The Ooze by The Brainstems on No Place Else (Bad Diet Records)
  2. No Generation Gap by The Wipers on Over the Edge (Brain Eater)
  3. My Love Is a Bat by Hex Dispensers on Winchester Mystery House (Douchemaster Records)
  4. Things Are Moving by Angry Angles on Angry Angles (Goner Records)
  5. You're the Sun by Bantam Rooster on Fuck All Y'All (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  6. Thunderbeast by Charlie & the Moonhearts on Thunderbeast (Telephone Explosion Records)
  7. Water Into Wine by Cococoma on Things Are Not All Right (Goner Records)
  8. No Cops by Night Beats on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)
  9. Nothing in My Hand by Apache Dropout on Apache Dropout (Family Vineyard)
  10. Baby Say Unh! by The Gories on Baby Say Unh! (Estrus Records)
  11. Seeing Black by Pow Wows on Nightmare Soda (Get Hip)
  12. Spectacle by Dead Moon on Stranded in the Mystery Zone (Tombstone Records)
  13. TV Set by The Cramps on Songs the Lord Taught Us (I.R.S. Records)
  14. Certain Kinds of Trash by Chain and the Gang on In Cool Blood (K Records)
  15. Trouble Trouble by The Ponys on Laced with Romance (In the Red Recordings)
  16. Don't Get in the Car by Danny & the Darleans on Danny & the Darleans (Nero's Neptune)
  17. Bad Man by Oblivians on Popular Favorites (Crypt Records)
  18. A Goodbad Man Is Hard to Find by Thee Tsunamis on A Goodbad Man Is Hard to Find (Magnetic South)
  19. Bad Boy by King Khan & the Shrines on Idle No More (Merge Records)
  20. Satisfy My Mind by The Greenhornes on Dual Mono (Telstar Records)
  21. Boy in a Bubble by Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks on The Lone Ranger of Love (Mony Records)
  22. I Got a Feeling by Eddy Current Suppression Ring on Rush to Relax (Shock Records)
  23. Insinuation by The Subsonics on Everything Is Falling Apart (Get Hip Recordings)
  24. Lizard Liars by Nobunny on Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror (Goner Records)
  25. On the Way to School by Demolition Doll Rods on There Is a Difference (Swami Records)
  26. Gay Human Bones by Harlem on Hippies (Matador)
  27. The Midwest Can Be Alright by The Gizmos on Gulcher Records (Rock and Roll Didn't Come from New York!)
  28. Black Rainbows by Pierced Arrows on Straight to the Heart (Tombstone Records)
  29. Fire Spirit by The Gun Club on Fire Of Love (Slash)
  30. Witches in Stock by Cheap Time on Wallpaper Music (In the Red Recordings)
  31. You'll Never Get Away with My Heart by The Hunches on The Hunches (Almost Ready Records)
  32. In the Valley by Brimstone Howl on Guts of Steel (Alive Records)
  33. Your Love Is a Fine thing by Reigning Sound on Too Much Guitar (In the Red Recordings)
  34. Covered In Ice by King Louie's Missing Monuments on Garage Swim (Adult Swim)
  35. Never Met A Girl Like You Before by The Hentchmen on Ultra Hentch (Norton Records)
  36. Can We Get Together? by Hunx & His Punx on Too Young to be in Love (Hardly Art)
  37. Ain't Gonna Hold Me by The Ar-Kaics on The Ar-Kaics (Windian Records)
  38. We're Sinking by Mark Sultan on The Sultanic Verses (In the Red Recordings)
  39. Sea of Blasphemy by Black Lips on Let It Bloom (In the Red Recordings)
  40. I'm On My Own by The Okmoniks on Party Fever!!! (Slovenly Recordings)
  41. Surfing with the Phantom by The Traditional Fools on The Traditional Fools (In the Red Recordings)