BRVS #15 w/ DJ Mashi Mashi


  1. Instant Pleasure by Simply Saucer on Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unton)
  2. Nazi Apocalypse by Simply Saucer on Cyborgs Revisited (Sonic Unton)
  3. Battle at Armageddon by Alice Coltrane on Universal Consciousness (Universal Music)
  4. You Are You Are by Curtis Mayfield on Do it all Night (Curtom Records)
  5. Disco Train by Kiki Gyan on 24 Hours in a disco 1978-82 (Soundwave)
  6. Break
  7. Feel the Fear by Positive Noise on Change of Heart (Sire)
  8. Visions by Near Paris on Near Paris (Medical Records)
  9. Life in Tokyo by Japan (Hansa)
  10. Exotica by Chris and Cosy on Exotica (Capitol/Netwwerk)
  11. Gloria by Maria Minerva on Sacred & Profane Love (100% Silk)
  12. Abuse of Time by VVD WNDWS on VVD WNDWS EP (Self released)
  13. Emphasis by Harald Grosskopf on Synthesist (Sky Records)
  14. Remain by Houses of Heaven on EP (Felte)
  15. Cardinal Cross by False Figure (self release)
  16. Relaxing Death by Useless Eaters on Relaxing Death (Castle Face)
  17. Poison by Hula (Red Rhino Records)
  18. A Glass Cage for an Animal by Wreck And Reference on Want (The Flenser)
  19. Uptown Festival by Shalamar (Solar)
  20. Pity for the Self by Poesie Noire on Pity for the Self or We'll Teach You To Dance (Antler Records)