Most recently, audiosyncrasies played Deep Cover by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg on Friday 4th Nov, 2022.

On has played Solar releases from artists such as Shalamar, The Whisp[ers, julzzz, Midnight Star, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg.


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New Wave Nuggets - Synth Pop - Goth - Funk - Disco - R&B - Jangle Jems

pickle licious tracks sprinkled with new stuff, local stuff and all the things that make up my chaos brainz

Bringing you the best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music. #gschilllounge

A "Freak For All" of Funk, R'N'B, Soul, Italo, Afro Beat, New Wave, Synth Pop, House beyond. Tracks so good, Even Cowgirls Get The Grooves.

A show loosely based around exploring the threads and connections between songs through their lyrics, themes, sounds... or sometimes whatever topics the guest DJ's select!

night time music for night time people at night... songs for the lovers and songs for the lonelyhearts and songs for those on the in-between

The best new underground music from around the Interwebs.

Think of the ultimate mix tape that you have some where buried deep in your basement or attic!

Helping you escape the algorithm, find somethings new and somethings old, and kick for a bit.