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Heavy Rotation

  • Monday 6:00 – 7:00pm


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  • here's a little bit of country adjacent Nashville based artists and just a bunch of other stuff we really dig this week buckle up buttercups

    60 mins

  • 80's for our 80th episdode we're synthy heavy and dancing a bunch today so strap in

    60 mins

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  • new stuff featuring a couple twangy thangys Scorcese movie extravaganza is happening and they've got some great flicks on the line up so get out there…

    S3 E5 60 mins

  • HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY BFF.FM!! special guest ep today vacation recap and future fun times ahead!!

    S4 E3 60 mins

  • having a hard day hard few days mentally I guess. this is a chaos mix of random shit again go to the movies go see some…

    S4 E2 60 mins

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