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  1. Featured sometimes by suzanne kraft on sometimes/if I die (melody as truth)
  2. Featured if I die by suzanne kraft on sometimes/if I die (melody as truth)
  3. Featured Anna calls from the arctic by dy cleaning on stump work (4AD)
  4. Featured kwenchy kups by dry cleaning on stumpwork (4AD)
  5. Featured Penny Girl by Cola Boyy on Black Boogie Neon (Record Makers)
  6. Featured beam/s by the orielles on tableau (Heavenly)
  7. Featured transmission by the orioles on tableau (heavenly)
  8. Featured blank curtain by cola on deep in view (fire talk)
  9. Featured So Excited by Cola on Deep In View (Fire Talk)
  10. Featured Soul-net by DIIV on Single (Fantasy)
  11. Featured Brown Paper Bag by DIIV on Frog in Boiling Water (Self-released)
  12. Featured Pink and Orange by GOON on Hour of Green Evening (Demode)
  13. Featured divine giggling by packs on take the cake (firetalk)
  14. Featured hold me down by the simps on siblings (Lex Records)