The Revolution Summer 010


  1. See You In Hell by SMALL BROWN BIKE on Dead Reckoning (No Idea)
  2. Sundays by Joie De Vivre on Summer Months (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  3. Synthesis Of Classic Forms by Snapcase on End Transmission (Victory)
  4. Beating High Schoolers At Arcade Games by Castevet on Summer Fences (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  5. Tiny Murders by RVIVR on Dirty Water EP (Yo Yo)
  6. Cup Of Job by Little Spoon Or No Spoon on D, Because You're Heaven Sent (Self Released)
  7. The Novemberist by Brazil on A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life (Fearless)
  8. The Cyborg by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (Salinas)
  9. Slow Applause by Kidcrash on Snacks (Denovali)
  10. Driftwood by Boston Manor on Driftwood (Failure by Design)
  11. Coffee Spoons And Knives by Damezumari on No Hugging, no Learning (Self Released)
  12. 1991 by Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe on I Only Miss You When I Want To (Kat Kat)
  13. No Sensitivty by Jimmy Eat World on Split (Big Wheel Recreation)
  14. In Love With An Apparition by pg.99 on Document #8 (Electric Human Project)
  15. Contraction by Botch on Unifying Themes Redux (Excursion)
  16. Turncoat Revolution by Hot Cross on Risk Revival (Paranoid)
  17. Anti-Magnet by Kerosene 454 on At Zero (Slowdime)
  18. Color of contrast by Compound Red on Always A Pleasure (DeSoto)
  19. Until Death Do Us What? by Michael RIchardson on Windsor Ruined Me (Self Released)
  20. And Then by Broken Hearts Are Blue on The Truth About Love CD (Caulfield)
  21. Why Wait by Rufio on Ep. (Nitro)
  22. June, Summer, Rose by Umbrellas on Umbrellas (Militia Group)
  23. I Want The Quiet Moments Of A Party Girl by Owls on Owls (Jade Tree)
  24. After Image feat. Harada Ikuko (Clammbon) by toe on For Long Tomorrow (Machu Picchu Industries)
  25. 2 P.M. (how to end something good) by Mixtapes on How To Throw A Successful Party (Animal Style)
  26. Bracelets by The Spill Canvas on Sunsets and Car Crashes (One Eleven)
  27. The City That Day by Matt Skiba on Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds - Split (Asian Man)
  28. Shrink To Fit by Milemarker on Anaesthetic (Jade Tree)
  29. Lucie, Too by Now, Now on Threads (Trans)
  30. American Hearts by Piebald on We Are The Only Friends We Have (Defiance)