The Revolution Summer 011


  1. Shu Shubat by The Anniversary on Designing For A Nervous Breakdown (Vagrant)
  2. Old Friends by Pinegrove on Cardinal (Run For Cover)
  3. The City Gets Lonely by The Prom on Under The Same Stars (Barsuk)
  4. Ultima by State Faults on Resonate/Desperate (No Sleep)
  5. Cross My Heart by The Rocket Summer on Calendar Days (The Millitia Group)
  6. Monary System by Invalids on Bonjour​/​Invalids​/​Nai Harvest​/​Reno Dakota (Enjoyment)
  7. Aren't You An Angel by Indian Summer on Science (Future Recordings)
  8. You Want Romance? by Funeral For A Friend on You Want Romance? (Atlantic)
  9. Like A Movie by Midtown on Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Drive Thru)
  10. Emergency by Paramore on The Summer Tic EP (Self Released)
  11. Stall by Sarge on The Glass Intact (Mud)
  12. White Flag by Take One Car on Everyone You Know Is Here Right Now (Broken World Media)
  13. My Life In The Knife Trade by Boysetsfire on After the Eulogy (Victory)
  14. Sleep On My Side by Seville on Waiting In Seville (Fiddler)
  15. Dear G-d by Being As An Ocean on Dear G-d... (InVogue)
  16. No Sleep Till Humboldt by Stay Ahead Of The Weather on We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna (No Sleep)
  17. Failure by Shotmaker on Shotmaker: The Complete Discography 1993-1996 (Troubleman)
  18. Adam Smith International by The Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees on The Birds Are Spies They Report to The Trees (LilacSky)
  19. Masterpiece by Bayside on Sirens and Condolences (Victory)
  20. Arrow Somba by Antioch Arrow on In Love with Jetts/The Lady Is a Cat (Gravity)
  21. Risk/Reward by Annabel on Youth In Youth (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  22. Dave Sim by Self Defense Family on Heaven Is Earth (Deathwish)
  23. Leave With Dignity by Amber Inn on All Roads Still Lead Home CD (Discography) (Ebulittion)
  24. Spork by Vacant Andys on Spork (DMF)
  25. How to Start a Fight by The Reunion Tour on demo (self released)
  26. December by Swingset In June on Demo Tape (Self Released)
  27. Light Up Ahead by Further Seems Forever on Hide Nothing (Tooth and Nail)
  28. I Want To Fall Asleep In Your Backyard by Nightmare of You on demos (self released)
  29. Bread by Native Nod on Today Puberty, Tomorrow the World (Gern Blandstein)
  30. In This Diary by The Ataris on So Long, Astoria (Columbia)