A Thick Mist (June 19, 2017)

Kevin Gan Yuen's solo debut of black minimalism goes surprisingly well with Bulgarian folk music. And I'm glad to have recently found a record of Ferlinghetti reading his 30-minute anti-Nixon poem because it's sadly still so relevant.

For full details on the Bulgarian folk songs, see B1.1-B3.1 here.


  1. Raga Hemant by Nikhil Banerjee on Ragas For Meditation (Capitol)
  2. Tyrannus Nix? by Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Ferlinghetti (Fantasy)
  3. Cruel Sister by Lori Goldston on Creekside: Solo Cello (Mississippi)
  4. Transformation Chronicles by Krallice on Prelapsarian (Gilead Media)
  5. People Say I'm No Good by Charles Manson on Lie: The Love And Terror Cult (Awareness)
  6. The Mexican Blues by Pete Seeger on Goofing-Off Suite (Folkways)
  7. Liminal / To Pierce The Veil / Whispers In Dust / Static Bath by Kevin Gan Yuen on Uncloaked Infinite (Utech)
  8. Songs B18-B27 by Various on Bulgaria (Columbia)
  9. Witch Of Endor by Moondog on Moondog (Columbia)
  10. Vampillia & The Body by Cold Barka Bite on xoroAHbin (Gilead Media)
  11. Live In Peace by Francis Kingsley & Emitais on Assalam Aleikoum Africa Volume 1 (Progressive And Popular Music Of West Africa) (Antilles)
  12. Side B (excerpt) by Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, & Nick Hoffman on Sonne (Pilgrim Talk)
  13. Side B (excerpt) by No artist on The Farm (Droll Yankees)