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An eclectic vinyl experiment. Primarily American country blues, black metal, folk music from around the world, doom, spoken word, drone, noise, field recordings, and various non-musical sounds.

A Thick Mist airs live on Wednesdays 4-6 am (PT) on 91.7 FM, WMWM Salem. The previous week's episode airs Mondays 8-10 am (PT) here on BFF.fm.


  • The new Low record might be my favorite thing to come out this year. So incredible. Definitely check it out even if you aren’t a Low…

  • Got a couple of old school country gals, a new Hell song slowed down to 33, interviews with sex workers, and a layered double dose of…

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  • Got some vintage BCM, a couple young girls singing about dead babies, and some strange sounds about and dedicated to the O'Hare International Airport.

  • New Astronoid!!! Also that stretch of Vincent Price reading Shelley's "Adonais" poem alongside the last Aeoga record is just too fucking good.

  • 3 new Important releases, including Oliveros paired with morse code, a reissue of an essential Yellow Eyes record, and some choice country western yodeling.

  • Holy hell that break was too long. Sorry about that. Anyway, lots of good stuff in this episode. Especially fond of the debut Clavicvla record on…

  • Mixed in a bunch of Christmas stuff alongside the usual mayhem.

  • Spun some cult glossolalia alongside doom drone and played Beherit's Electric Doom Synthesis which is some of the weirdest music I've ever heard. Also, I highly recommend…

  • Finally get to spin the new Fórn record which is absolutely crushing. And I'm kinda surprised at how well the cantorials worked alongside Hail's arctic ambient.

  • Had a lot of fun with this one. Starting around the half hour mark, everything is pretty much layered on top of each other for a…

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