A Thick Mist (February 11, 2019)

New Astronoid!!! Also that stretch of Vincent Price reading Shelley's "Adonais" poem alongside the last Aeoga record is just too fucking good.


  1. Sweet Boy’s Tune by George Stoneham on Clawhammer Banjo (County)
  2. Lost by Astronoid on Astronoid (Blood Music)
  3. For The Young Lovers by Bill Comeau & Carmel Signa on Fragments From An Unknown Gospel (United Church / Avant Garde)
  4. Wear Patterns by Eleh on Caterina Barbieri / Eleh Split (Important)
  5. Syncopated Panpipes by Unknown Darashe musicians on Staring Into The Sun (Sublime Frequencies)
  6. The Ghost Story by The Arrows on Devil’s Angels Soundtrack (Tower)
  7. Three Men Died / Faithful Cross by Reverend Ian Mitchell &a Caroline Mitchell on Funeral Folk Mass (F.E.L. Church Publications)
  8. Cast Of Mind by Kali Malone on Cast Of Mind (Hallow Ground)
  9. With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm by Stanley Holloway on The World Of Stanley Holloway (Argo)
  10. Daymare by Portrayal Of Guilt on Let Pain Be Your Guide (Gilead Media)
  11. Kensetsu No Hibiki by Kimio Eto on Koto Master (World Pacific)
  12. Adonais by Vincent Price reading Percy Bysshe Shelley on Poems Of Shelley (Caedmon)
  13. Obsidian Towering / Outer Observatory / The Sublime Canvas by Aeoga on Obsidian Outlander (Aural Hypnox)
  14. Etemenaki by Krallice & Dave Edwardson on Loum (Gilead Media)
  15. Break
  16. Bimini Gal by Joseph Spence on Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals (Folkways)
  17. Out On The Rolling Sea by John Roberts on Folk Guitar, Bahaman Ballads, & Rhyming Spirituals (Folkways)