A Thick Mist (March 4, 2019)

Got some vintage BCM, a couple young girls singing about dead babies, and some strange sounds about and dedicated to the O'Hare International Airport.


  1. Dry Bones by Kevin Roth on Somebody Give Me Direction (Folkways)
  2. Wings Of Annihilation by Abstracter on Cinereous Incarnate (Sentient Ruin)
  3. The Death Of Nelson / Coronation Jig by Shirley Collins on Adieu To Old England (Topic)
  4. Side B by Sarah Hennies performed by Lenka Novosedlíková on Sisters (Mappa)
  5. Side B by Dr. Jack Van Impe on The Great Escape! (Van Impe Recordings)
  6. Descensus In Cuniculi Cavum by Hoor-Paar-Kraat on A Doorbell Of Earbows For Brefix (Goat Eater Arts / KNVBI)
  7. Dolor (Parts I And II) by Fórn on Weltschmerz (Gilead Media)
  8. A1-A8 by Klagetoh Singers on Navajo Round Dance (Indian House)
  9. Damn Infinity Hairtie / Four Freckle Constellation by Birchville Cat Motel on Four Freckle Constellation (Conspiracy)
  10. Naomi Wise by Ed McCurdy on The Ballad Record (Washington)
  11. An Index Of Metals by Fripp & Eno on Evening Star (Antilles)
  12. Side B by Buck Warren on From: Poet Buck Warren To: O'Hare International (Sedgrick)