A Thick Mist (March 25, 2019) - Rerun of October 8, 2018

The new Low record might be my favorite thing to come out this year. So incredible. Definitely check it out even if you aren’t a Low fan (like me) because it sounds like Basinski produced it (he didn’t).


  1. The Broken Vessel by The Voices Supreme on To The Glory Of God (Glori)
  2. Í Iðrum Þínum Sefur Brennisteinn by Afsprengi Satans on Seiðgall / Djöful Leg (Infinite Darkness)
  3. Dancing And Fire by Low on Double Negative (Sub Pop)
  4. Ol’ Hannah by Doc Reese on Jazz Volume 1: South (Folkways)
  5. Side A by Mirror on Ringstones (Some Fine Legacy)
  6. Side A by Michael Fox on Dogtalk ( Life-Lite Concepts)
  7. The Filth by Imperial Triumphant on Vile Luxury (Gilead Media / Throatruiner)
  8. Kita by Jobelou on Voodoo Trance Music: Ritual Drums Of Haiti (Lyrichord)
  9. Worried Mind Blues by Mississippi Fred McDowell on The Alan Lomax Recordings (Mississippi)
  10. Slow Wake Up Sunday Morning by Mountain Man on Magic Ship (Nonesuch)
  11. Aissawa Procession by Unknown Aissawan musicians on Music Of Morocco (Folkways)
  12. Break
  13. Moloch by Paysage D’Hiver on Schattengang (Kunsthall Produktionen)
  14. Raga Yaman: Alap by Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar on Raga Yaman (Ideologic Organ)
  15. “Is this beauty to perish...?” and the poem Hamatreya by David Cory reading Ralph Waldo Emerson on A Selection From The Essays, The Poetry, And The Journals (Folkways)