Transfiguration #12

Billshitski & Melanie DJ doing 1 hour sets. Billshitski starts us off. Enjoy. I hope.


  1. I Have Not Whispered Everything I Can Bear by Multa Nox on Living Pearl
  2. Saysea by Gacha Bakradze on I Can Still See You
  3. World A by DJ Sports on Modern Species
  4. World A by DJ Sports on Modern Species
  5. Drop by Trudge on Buried Hopes
  6. Central Casting by Body-San on Pacific Reasons
  7. L'avventura (Main) by Earth Trax on L'avventura
  8. Coastal Jam 707 by Rick Sheen on Night Stream
  9. Great Northern by Weekend At Barnies on Weekend At Barnies
  10. Science Is Science by Jesse Bru on Science Is Science
  11. Make Ya Move by Jus Jam on Make Ya Move
  12. Make Ya Move by Jus Jam on Make Ya Move
  13. Amazonawana / Anaconda Opportunity by animal collective on Meeting of the Waters
  14. Holy Calam by Handsome Boy Modeling School on So... How's Your Girl
  15. Little Flower - Vocal by Peaking Lights on Peaking Lights
  16. the blackbryds by mysterious vibes on action
  17. Fly Away / Walking in Sunshine by Laid Back on Keep Smiling
  18. Nothing but a freak by Sandboards on Squad Pt 2
  19. Acid Wash by Hallucinate on Acid
  20. Hot on the Heels of Love by throbbing gristle on 20 jazz funk greats (industrial records)
  21. vv violence by Jessy Lanza on Oh No
  22. Black Survival by Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth on Black Survival
  23. It's a Trip by The Last Poets on Black Fire
  24. love care by Sound President Odion Iruoje on odion iruoje
  25. Horizons by Subway on Subway