Animal Collective



Radio Shoe first played College at 8:00pm on Friday 19th Sep, 2014.


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  • This wasn't just a great month for new releases, but we also saw some awesome re-releases and the surfacing of B-sides and bonus tracks. Check out…

    Top Spin S1 E104 120 mins

  • Zach and Jennie sweat it out in their 1940's apartment during San Francisco's heatwave. They finally get to the bottom of if Animal Collective are annoying…

    Cartoon Violence 60 mins

  • Are you getting those dreams again? The ones where you missed all your exams? Wake up! You already graduated. It's your subconscious begging you not to…

    Shoebox Office S3 E27 60 mins

  • Shoebox Office S3 E26 60 mins

  • Celebrating the joyful magic of Paul Ruebens aka Pee Wee Herman <3

    ALLSORTS № 167 120 mins

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