Hello Sunshine

About Hello Sunshine

You put on bff.fm in the background and scramble some eggs on Saturday morning. You stare at your slippers and wonder how many hours you can go before you have to wear shoes. The eggs are gone and you're left with dishes, which take longer to wash than it took you to inhale your hangover food. While you stare into space thinking about the drought in California and how it relates to your sinkful of dishes, the chorus cuts in and you wonder what on earth you're listening to. Where did that hook come from? You're listening to Hello Sunshine! Welcome to the weekend.

Cheerful indiepop weekend music, highly likely to include xylophones, handclaps, steel drums, horns, and/or strings crammed into an hour journey through shimmery electropop, precious twee, anthemic americana, and surf wave.

Heavy Rotation

  • Saturday 11:00am – 12:00pm (bi-weekly)

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