Bird Flu Kitchen 18, Guest: Oliver Mains and Dave Burk from Band Slow Torpedo


  1. Global Warming by Slow Torpedo
  2. Currency by The Black Angels on Death Songs
  3. Halcyon Days by Two Gallants on The Bloom and The Blight
  4. Hard Luck by Black Pistol Fire on Don't Wake The Riot
  5. Wasted by Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears on Backlash
  6. Broke Down by Radio Moscow on Brain Cycles
  7. All that Glitters by North By North on Last Days of Magic
  8. Twisted Vision by Slow Torpedo
  9. Go Slow Torpedo by Slow Torpedo
  10. Corsicana Lemonade by White Denim on Stiff
  11. So What by The Pack a.d. on Positive Thinking
  12. Armchair Politician (Internet Activist) by Friends W/O Benefits on Fictional Characters / Real Entertainment (Self Released)
  13. Freeze Me by Death From Above 1979 on Freeze Me
  14. Hole In Your Heart by Royal Blood on How Did We Get So Dark?
  15. Wake The Dead by Dead Country Gentlemen
  16. Run by Foo Fighters
  17. Set You Free by The Black Keys on Thickfreakness
  18. America-Live by Simon & Garfunkel on The concert in Central Park (Live)
  19. Invisible Man by Shovels & Rope on Little Seeds
  20. Thrown Heat by Mammoth Torta
  21. I Think I Smell A Rat by The White Stripes on White Blood Cells
  22. Teen Creeps by No Age on Nouns (Sub Pop)