The Revolution Summer 014


  1. The Phrase That Pays by The Academy Is... on Almost Here (Fueled By Ramen)
  2. Flashlight by The Front Bottoms on The Front Bottoms (Bar None)
  3. Franz K. Is (Not) My Bus Driver by Republic Of Dreams on Republic Of Dreams (Moment of Collapse)
  4. Do It Again (You're Not Making Me Want To Touch You) by You, Me, And Everyone We Know on Party For The Grown And Sexy (Rushmore)
  5. It Only Took A Whisper by Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons on This Was Built To Make You Dance (Astro Magnetics)
  6. 53% Accurate by Into It. Over It. on 52 Weeks (No Sleep)
  7. Scherbatsky by Snowing on Pump Fake/Scherbatsky (Square of Opposition)
  8. Set the Spokes Alight by Spy Versus Spy on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Four: An Ocean of Doubt (Deep Elm)
  9. Let It Happen by Jimmy Eat World on Chase This Light (Interscope)
  10. NASDAQ Blaq by Strikeforce Diablo on The Albatross and the Architect (No Idea)
  11. Four Superbowls, No Rings by Such Gold on Stand Tall (Mightier Than The Sword)
  12. After The Movies by Cursive on Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes (Crank!)
  13. J-Kobb Schlepper (My dog ate my Paypal account) by Panucci's Pizza on All of my Friends are Familiar and the Steps I Took to Realize This (Driftwood)
  14. I'll Take You Everywhere by Penfold on Amateurs & Professionals (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  15. Tearjerker by Fenix TX on Lechuza (MCA)
  16. Sad Girls Por Vida by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Lookout!)
  17. End Me In Richmond by Planes Mistaken For Stars on Fuck With Fire (No Idea)
  18. Hearts of Concord by Warren of Ohms on Untitled (Self Released)
  19. Iris Is Aching For A Day by Sky Corvair on Unsafe At Any Speed (Actionboy 3000)
  20. Please Head North by Transit on Keep This to Yourself (Run For Cover)
  21. Daughters Spelled Wrong by Daughters on Hell Songs (Hydra Head)
  22. A Boy Brushed Red... Living In Black And White by Underoath on They're Only Chasing Safety (Tooth & Nail)
  23. Tearjerker by Ribbon Fix on The Gathy Years (Grafton)
  24. Ghosts by Driver Friendly on Peaks + Valleys (Hopeless)
  25. Cinema Air by The Gloria Record on Start Here (Broken Circles)
  26. Resonate Remain by Hanalei on Parts and Accessories (Thick Records)
  27. Original Spies by Karate on Some Boots (Southern)
  28. A Jack With One Eye by Texas Is The Reason on Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection (Revelation)
  29. Go Home by Julien Baker on Audiotree Live (Audiotree)
  30. I'm Not Done With You by Time Spent Driving on Passed & Presence (Cardigan)
  31. Break
  32. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional on Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack (Sony)
  33. The Fifties by You Blew It! on Grow Up, Dude (Top Shelf)