full blessing moon

a muddy walk somewhere near vallejo in the spring

clips and music from the documentary "the secret life of plants," 1979

cucumber by macka b

coast to coast AM radio with guest cleve backster (aired february 2004)

"gardening" an instructional sound film, 1940

"no time to waste" by kalindi la, from the series "the simple path to god," miracle of love, 1996

"garden wise" by monsanto, 1950

"plant sounds" by thom christie

"dr gearge milstein dead a specialist in horticulture," new york times, january 3, 1976

asmr role play herbalist consultation from artful asmr, 2016

cover art by shayna yasuhara, now on view at the galallery in san francisco


  1. plantasia by mort garson on mother earth's plantasia (homewood records)
  2. v by iguana moonlight on wild palms (not not fun)
  3. tangled tulips by metalized man on losing your virginity: metalized boys' first adventures in manhood (foul up)
  4. silver queen by baroque bouquet on plant music (amherst records)
  5. know already by bok bok on salvage (night slugs)
  6. from ca by adiidas
  7. playground by moon diagrams on lifetime of love (geographic north)
  8. venus' flytrap and the bug by stevie wonder on journey through the secret life of plants (tamla)
  9. Real Love (et aliae Remix) by Chris Lee (Li Yuchun 李宇春) (PC Music)