What is Hip? A conversation with Evan Mack

My friend, Evan Mack, joined me from his Brooklyn apartment for a broadcasted catch-up. In between his insights on Chicago rap, the music industry, and Mick Jenkins and my rants on my relationship to the world of critique and The Incredibles, we played some tunes. A full run down of the music can be found below.

Discussion topics throughout:

- Reflections on HBO's The Defiant Ones and Evan's love/hate relationship with the music industry

- Jazz/ funk guitar prodigy, Taz (CHECK HIM OUT: http://www.brandonniederauer.com/)

- The Grand Padudas, and what that means

- The relationship between the artist and the critic, and how Ratatouille plays into that

- Where music journalism is failing artists

- Despicable Me 3

- Friendship and the best Pixar films

Playlist (heavy Chicago-based music vibe here, if you can't already tell from a glance):

- Old Friends by Pinegrove

- Have You Been Good to Yourself? by Johnnie Frierson

- Low Key by Tweedy

- Gonna Hurry As Slow As I Can by Whitney

- It's All Good by Superorganism

- Tiny Straws by Woo Park

- Drowning by Mick Jenkins

- Penthouse Floor by John Legend (ft. Chance the Rapper)

- Ode To Then by Liam the Younger

- Rage by Vic Mensa

- Game Winner by Vulfpeck

- Ultralight Beam by Kanye West

- I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know by Donny Hathaway

- You Know I'm No Good Remix (feat Ghostface Killah) by Amy Winehouse

- Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper

- Why iii Love the Moon by Phony Ppl

Thanks for listening! Shout-out to the token Aussie. - MZ