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About Private Session

Science says that the olfactory system holds the most memories, but my personal experience has always defied that: my memories are all auditory.

On "Private Session," the process is simple: when something is proposed, a playlist of songs is prepared. These songs could be for your dog, for your dying cactus plant, for the quiet rage you feel for the slow-walkers on the sidewalk. These are the songs that I have prepared for the broken heart, the balloon that float away on your fourth birthday, the undying memory of the high school dance you threw up at or the budding yet torrid relationship with the kids you try and play basketball with at the local basketball courts. "Private Session" wants you to get as personal as you'd like, or as general and unspecific as you would prefer. The show will also include conversations with local and touring musicians whose music helps them see their world and the relationships within it more clearly. If you have a something that needs some auditory explaining, send me an e-mail at that explains your request. I'll pull together a show for you. Hopefully some insight will be procured from the tunes? Probably not, but it's that cyclical angst that keeps the songs always coming.

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