cheetle radio 7.24.15


  1. Way Too Much by Wavves on V (Warner Brothers)
  2. Had Ten Dollaz by Cherry Glazerr on 7 (Suicide Squeeze)
  3. You Done Messed Up by The Lovely Bad Things on NA (NA)
  4. Crystal Bones by The Balcony Stars on NA (NA)
  5. How Come by Avi Buffalo on At Best Cuckold (Sub Pop)
  6. Pop Underground by Drinking Flowers (Lollipop Records)
  7. No One by Jeffertitti's Nile on NA (NA)
  8. Laying Down Rock by DRINKS on Hermits on Holiday (Heavenly Records)
  9. Golden Days by Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles on Oh Man, Cover the Ground (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  10. Let It Happen (Official New Song 2015) (HQ) by Tame Impala on Currents (Interscope)
  11. Fallin' 4 U by Part Time on NA (NA)
  12. Lipstick by Ariel Pink on pom pom
  13. Something Awful by Grave Babies on Holographic Violence (Hardly Art)
  14. Root by Wove on EP I
  15. Die Life by The Soft Moon on Zeros
  16. Selbstzerfleischung by Beekeepers on Demos
  17. every breath you take (WE'll be watching you) by human hair on WE
  18. Tubular Swells by Tense Men on Where Dull Care Is Fogotten (Faux Discx)
  19. Mouth by Maus Haus on Light Noise (Lavish Habits)
  20. Face The Meat by Lumpy and the Dumpers on demo 1
  21. Motorbike by Wooden Shjips on Dos (Holy Mountain)