Transfiguration # 16

Billshitski playing his set for the first hour, Melanie DJ for the last hour.


  1. Deep Summer by Mønic on Deep Summer (Burial Remix) - EP
  2. Siren Song by Mhysa on Fantasii
  3. Whispers (feat. Elsa Hewitt) by Bambooman on Whispers
  4. A Toes (Shelf Inside Your Head) by L.Rain on A Toes (Shelf Inside Your Head)
  5. Phase Violet by Lapalux on Ruinism
  6. Take Me Down With You by Thugwidow on Dead Colony
  7. Down to the Foundation by Double O on Border
  8. Diamond (Lovely Freestyle) by Mhysa on Fantasii
  9. Loner (feat. Wiki & Jean Deaux) [Jeremiah Meece Remix] by Mykki Blanco on Loner (feat. Wiki & Jean Deaux) [Jeremiah Meece Remix]
  12. New Beginnings (feat. Clara La San) by TD_Nasty on TD_Nasty
  13. Tell Me by Don Leisure on Shaboo
  14. Time to Move by Carmen on Time to Move
  15. Destiny by GL on Destiny
  16. Just Negotiate (feat. Simeon Jones) [Kaidi Tatham Remix] by Henry Wu on Deep in the Mudd - EP
  17. Every body wants rules the worlds by Tears for Fears on Tears for Fears
  18. Down and Out by Avey on Avey Tare
  19. It came in the night by A Raincoat on A Raincoat
  20. Roamer by Avey Tare on Eucalyptus
  21. Put Your Number in My Phone by Ariel Pink on pom pom
  22. Never Let Me Go by She-Devils on She-Devils (Secretly Canadian)
  23. Japan by pharoah sanders on pharoah sanders
  24. Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin' by James Brown on James Brown
  25. Fall In Love by Slum Village on Fantastic
  26. Don't Be So Jive by Sag War Ware on Sag War Ware
  27. IN YOUR EYES (FEAT. CHARLOTTE DAY WILSON) by BadBadNotGood on BadBadNotGood
  28. One by Leon Thomas on Spirits Known And Unknown
  29. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This by Idris Muhammad on Idris Muhammad
  30. Solo by Frank Ocean on Blond
  31. Glow Up by Meek Mill on Meek Mill
  32. Thuggin by Freddie Gibbs on Freddie Gibbs
  33. Say It Again by Lil Brother on Lil Brother