A Thick Mist (August 7, 2017)

Got some strong Birdman vibes with the Stockhausen solo percussion alongside Julie Harris and I'm pretty happy with how well the Close Encounters score and King's College Choir fell in the mix. Also definitely check out the Nordra debut on Sige. Excellent stuff.


  1. Goose's Minuet / Doug's Waltz by Old Grey Goose on Maine Country Dance Music And Song (Folkways)
  2. Natjir Ichik by Volahn on Aq'Ab'Al (Iron Bonehead)
  3. Huon Peninsula to Maclay Coast by Unknown artists on An Introduction To The Music Of New Guinea (Prestige International)
  4. The Abduction Of Barry by John Williams on Music From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Pickwick)
  5. Part V by No artist on Voices Of The Night: The Calls Of 34 Frogs And Toads Of The United States And Canada (Cornell University Records)
  6. Reel by Ferdinand Murphy on An Island Carnival: Music Of The West Indies (Nonesuch)
  7. Apologize To Me, Humanity by Nordra on Nordra (Sige)
  8. Mass For Five Voices by Willam Byrd performed by The Choir Of King's College on Mass For 5 Voices / Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis From The Great Service / Ave Verum Corpus (Argo)
  9. The Contagious Magik Of The Superabundance by Laniakea on A Pot Of Powdered Nettles (House Of Myhtology)
  10. Mercy by Mississippi Fred McDowell on Live In New York (Oblivion)
  11. Zyklus by Karlheinz Stockhausen performed by Christoph Caskel on Zyklus • Refrain / Transición II (Time)
  12. Side C by Julie Harris on The Belle Of Amherst (Credo)
  13. Cromlech by Harvestman on Music For Megaliths (Neurot)
  14. Ad Delirium II by Vukari on Divination (Vendetta)
  15. Side B by Phurpa on Rituals Of Bön II (Zoharum)
  16. Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines / After The Funeral by Dylan Thomas on Reading Volume 3 (Caedmon)
  17. Possession Sequence / Invocation / Drum Calls / Finale by Anlo Ewe musicians on Drums Of West Africa: Ritual Music Of Ghana (Lyrichord)