Google's PR Problem and 2015 Predictions

Today's discussion takes off with the memory of the latest Google bus protest, which turned into a bizarre parade led by a fleeing Google lawyer pursued by the tenants he is evicting from his house. Google's name has been getting a lot of attention, and its response has largely been to stay out of it. Does the company care about its increasingly tarnished image in the Mission? Should it?

Since this is our last 2014 show, we Mission Local staffers are allowing ourselves the opportunity to make some predictions about the coming year -- about housing and homelessness, restaurants and rallies, and other mainstays of Mission news. You can call us out on it this time next year if we turn out to be dead wrong.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Christmas Hip Hop Beat by JurdBeats
  2. Que Sera by Wax Tailor on Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (Lab'oratorie / Under Cover)