New Evidence In A Murder and Media Crisis Discussion

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New evidence has surfaced in the investigation into the early September murder of 14-year-old Rashawn Williams. Focus has shifted from the original suspect, another 14 year old, to his companion, whose age has not been released. But there's also the question of charging minors as adults for particularly heinous crimes like murder. Williams' family has been circulating a petition to do exactly that -- raising complicated legal and ethical questions as new facts come to light. 

This week also marked the rollout of Mission Local's winter print edition, which you can pick up for free in coffeeshops, hair salons, and shops around the Mission. At the same time, a century old print magazine called The New Republic has lost a huge portion of its staff after new management (a Facebook co-founder) has tried to steer the paper into a more business and new/digital media oriented direction. What's the future of news look like when the only money around is tech money? 

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