The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #82

all vinyl edition with a selection of records brought back from a recent two week trip in the UK - starting with White, a Chinese band on Adaadat records, a selection of classic used records from Pop n' Hops, a great craft beer and record shop in Cardiff, Wales, a track from Spatial's Infrasonics label, and then a whole batch of great new house on DJ Haus' selection of labels - Unknown To The Unknown, E-Beamz, House Crimes, Hot Haus Recs!


  1. - by White (Adaadat)
  2. Get Into The Groovey by Ciccone Youth
  3. N-Sub Ulysses by The Nation of Ulysses on Plays Pretty for Baby (Dischord)
  4. My Girl by Madness on One Step Beyond... (Stiff)
  5. Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
  6. Say No Go by De La Soul
  7. Dance MF by Anil Aras (Visit
  8. Love In Lux by Lake Haze (
  9. Tool Tyme by Cliff Lothar (
  10. b side by Spatial on 12007 (Infrasonics)
  11. City Jams by Redlight on City Jams (Unknown To The Unknown)
  12. Lo-Fi Is Dead by Ray Kandinski (Unknown To The Unknown)
  13. - by Realitycheck (Unknown To The Unknown)
  14. - by Mall Grab (Unknown To The Unknown)
  15. Probably Too Commercial by Dj Overdose (Unknown To The Unknown)
  16. Airing Of Grievances by DJ Seinfeld (Unknown To The Unknown)