The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #83

Starting with Suzanne Cianni after seeing her astounding set at SFEMF last weekend, we can continue with some archival releases from Pauline Anna Strom and Lorenzo Senni, some awesome oddness from Antwood, Behest and Deepspace, cranking it up into acid territory with E.Davd, Mara, and Lesinge; dubstep influence on CHUNKY and Cooly G, before we get all house in the place with amongst others, some Quavius, DJ Seinfeld, FYI Chris, Steve Murphy and Steven Be Calm! Get down!


  1. Fish Music by Suzanne Ciani on Fish Music (Finders Keepers)
  2. Energies by Pauline Anna Strom on Trans-Millenia Music (Visit
  3. Glenfield Nd by Lorenzo Senni on Early Works (Visit
  4. Disable Ad Blocker by Antwood on Sponsored Content (Planet Mu)
  5. rukarubu最初 by ベヘズト в е н е ѕ т Gχ on 目茶目茶[3:33FM] (Visit
  6. A1. 光速都市 by 外神田Deepspace on Welcome to Nakanotroit (Visit
  7. Ultimate Relaxation by E.Davd on 001 (Visit
  8. Emotion by Maŕa on Cultivated Sound Tapes: CST001 (Visit
  9. LX20 by Lesinge on Slide Blinders (Visit
  10. Imminent Threat by CHUNKY on Threats EP
  11. Grimm by Cooly G on Magnetic EP (HDB015D) (Visit
  12. The Art Of Nothing by A I W A on Recent Ups and Downs (Visit
  13. 21 Years Of Silence by Asymmetrical on 21 Yars Of Silence EP (Neo Violence)
  14. Wiederganger by Don't DJ on Wiederganger
  15. A1. Secret Rides by Verlake on KHT002
  16. ZKITTLEZ by Zomby on GASP! (Hyperdub)
  17. Untitled B3 by SW. on The Album (Visit
  18. A1. Vaping LYF by DJ Seinfeld on Ruff Hysteria
  19. Come Into My Life by Quavius on Blue Light Joints
  20. Come Into My Life by Joyce Sims
  21. House Dog by FYI Chris
  22. Aqua by Steven Be Calm on Actin' Right EP