The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #84

modular algorithmic rave & r'n'b hits from the future.


  1. Circles On Circles by Bitchin Bajas on Bajas Fresh (Drag City)
  2. The Garden by Carla Dal Forno on The Garden (Blackest Ever Black)
  3. GNATS by MIKE on BY THE WATER (Visit
  4. Baby Blu by Hype Williams on Rainbow Edition (Visit
  5. Flip U by Coucou Chloe feat. Sega Bodega on Erika Jane
  6. Verudela Squad by CHUNKY on Threats EP
  7. L6 by Nicola Ratti on The Collection (Visit
  8. Water Vapour (ft. Sea Urchin) by 7FO on Quiet Flash / Water Vapour (Visit
  9. Synecdoche by Yves Tumor on Experiencing the Deposit of Faith
  11. Spilling Past by Renick Bell on Misapplications (Conditional)
  12. Snooker Authority by DJプチプチ on Misapplications (Conditional)
  13. I love you by UPGRAYEDD SMURPHY on Sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you (Visit
  14. XX by NODE PRAYER on X-XXX (Visit
  15. Filas & Undercuts by Luke's Anger on Filas and Undercuts (Visit
  16. Mechta by DJ Heure on Mechta (Lobster Theremin)
  17. Flexx by Jeals on Flux (Lobster Theremin)
  18. Silver Surfer by Kask on Vorst (Visit
  19. Magnetic by Cooly G on Magnetic EP (HDB015D) (Hyperdub)
  20. Ask Yee by Hype Williams on Rainbow Edition
  21. Style & Grace by Steven Be Calm on Actin' Right EP
  22. ZPRITE by ZOMBY on GASP! (Hyperdub)
  23. Untreated Emotions by Asymmetrical on 21 Yars Of Silence EP (Neo Violence)
  24. Fluo by Beatrice Dillon and Call Super on Inkjet / Fluo (Visit