No Slaw In The Freezer - Some Of My Favorite Records From 2014!


  1. Awake by Tycho on Awake (Ghostly International)
  2. Harvard Ave. by Knock Over City on Michael (Self Released)
  3. The Long Way by Moral Mazes on Magic Tommy Jackson (Bridge9)
  4. Dolorean Dynamite by Todd Terje on It's Album Time (Olson)
  5. Recipient by Inventions on Inventions (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  6. IV by Cheatahs on Cheatahs (Wichita)
  7. Whenever by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter)
  8. Mind by Com Truise on Wave 1 (Ghostly International)
  9. Madrean by Near The Parenthesis on Cloud. Not Mountain (n5MD)
  10. Journey To The Center Of The Earth (June 2000 Demo) by The American Analog Set on Know By Heart Demos (Barsuk)
  11. Murderer by Vary Lumar on Breaker (Self Released)
  12. Dead Man's Tetris by Flying Lotus on You're Dead (Warp Records)
  13. No Philosophy by Tim Fite on iBeenHACKED (Self Released)
  14. Pure Imagination by Primus on Primus And The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble (ATO Records)
  15. Clear by Christopher Willits on Opening (Ghostly International)
  16. Shadow Harvesting by Symbol on Online Architecture (Holodeck)
  17. Petals by Eluvium on Pedals/Petals (Vinyl Films)
  18. Dark White by Talk West on Black Coral Sprig (Preservation)
  19. Atomos VII by A Winged Victory For The Sullen on Atomos (Kranky)